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About us

Optimal care for all extremely quality, committed to the construction and improve the quality and safety management system, has passed the FDA, GMPC, the European Union CE and a series of security system certification, and ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO1348 quality and environmental management system certification. Created so far, the company always adhere to the independent research and development of products combined with technology innovation idea, develop a "can" and "au", "chun net optimal +", "best pants", "story" in Seoul,"Chun net optimal protection", "one pants", "all the best cat", "dew", "poem silks" and a series of infants and feminine care brands.



Shanghai optimal all health science and technology co., LTD


Add: anting, jiading district, Shanghai ZhenTai wave road no. 645


Zhejiang best whole nursing science and technology co., LTD

Add: Lu Hui changxing county, huzhou city, zhejiang province, tai lake street road no. 68


Service hotline:400-0858-190