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2019/03/30 16:26
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1. According to the wet wipes the brand product development plan and project planning;
2. Responsible for wet wipes test in technology research, formula design, and stability test and trial production guidance;
3. Be responsible for the wet wipes production technical process of develop, modify, and finished products, semi-finished products quality standards, product manual writing draft, review;
4. Cooperate with production workshop, product process improvement, solve the problem of production technology, and technical guidance to production line;
5. Responsible for related to research and design of a new concept, new technologies, new processes, new materials and other information collection, sorting, archiving; Understand the industry laws and regulations, pay close attention to related products, provide the technical reference, to upgrade the listed products, in order to improve the product quality;
6. Screening of raw materials and its internal control standards, mechanical equipment, packaging materials and investigation and selection of product attributes, determine suitable suppliers;