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Zhejiang optimal whole nursing science and technology co., LTD. Is a collection of professional research and development, production, sales, personal care products in the integration of science and technology enterprises. Relying on Asia's largest producer of health care in nonwovens Jin Sanfa group strength background, the company founded in 2012 in huzhou, zhejiang province, located in the Yangtze river delta hinterland of ring taihu lake economic circle. At present, the company research and development and marketing headquarters in Shanghai.

The company has 50000 square meters standard workshop, 100000 air purification GMP production workshop of 16000 square meters, the purification level higher than the international standard. Company for wet wipes, diapers, face film, dry towels and other products is equipped with many sets of advanced production equipment at home and abroad, experimental testing equipment and professional production and testing personnel, for production and quality to lay a good foundation. Company reserves the article 15 the water thorn, spun-bonded, hot rolled, hot-rolled non-woven coil production supporting resources, more than 20 international advanced personal care products production line, for production demand and capacity standard provides a powerful guarantee!

Optimal care for all extremely quality, committed to the construction and improve the quality and safety management system, has passed the FDA, GMPC, the European Union CE and a series of security system certification, and ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO1348 quality and environmental management system certification. Created so far, the company always adhere to the independent research and development products combined with technology innovation idea, develop & other Can Mr & throughout; , & other Children au & throughout; , & other Chun net optimal + & throughout; , & other Optimal pants & throughout; , & other Seoul story & throughout; , & other Chun net optimal protection & throughout; , & other One pants & throughout; , & other Optimal throughout all cats &; , & other Dew, & throughout; , & other Poetry silks & throughout; And a series of infants and feminine care brands. Products cover the baby diapers, baby wipes, baby wash protect and feminine care four categories. For the new age & other; The new air & throughout; Contribution to the rise of the professional strength!

Company uphold the excellent talents, superior technology, excellent products, preferential prices to create the healthy concept of life quality, strictly control product quality, actively promote the technical research and development, develop & other Dedication, innovation, inclusion, fine, cooperation and dedication throughout the &; Spirit of enterprise, practice & other; High quality life, throughout the whole heart guardian &; Of the enterprise purpose, for domestic and foreign customers with intentions, professional, cost-effective care products, one of the most trusted brands make optimal all consumers, growth for the domestic and international industry leaders, casting industry benchmarking!