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Zhejiang Jin Sanfa nonwovens co., LTD., is the core of Jin Sanfa group subsidiary, was founded in 1993, the company has international advanced water thorn, functional composite spunlace, spun-bonded, functional composite spun-bonded, such as production line more than 13, 45000 tons of annual production capacity of spunlaced nonwovens, spun-bonded 25000 tons. & other; Jin Sanfa & throughout; , & other Throughout the Internet to better &; Brand nonwovens is famous brand, zhejiang famous trademark of zhejiang province. Products are mainly applied to infant health supplies, women's health supplies, health supplies, adult health supplies, health supplies, and other life some products have been applied in nuclear materials in the field of military combat readiness.
Enterprise after years of development, nonwovens production volume has been ranked among the top domestic peers for eleven years, become a leading brand in the industry. Company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 international certification system, has been named (assessment) as the Chinese well-known trademark, national guard contract, heavy credit unit, China top 10 industrial textiles industry, China's textile industry product development contribution award, China's industrial textiles industry contribution award, is China's industrial textiles industry association, vice President of units, zhejiang industrial textiles industry association vice-chairman unit.
Company successively with donghua university, east China university of science and technology, tianjin university of technology, zhejiang university of science and technology, Shanghai institute of textile academy of sciences, Beijing zhongke new materials, and other colleges and universities and research institutes cooperation, develop new products, new technologies, 32, and repeatedly won, huzhou, changxing county, zhejiang province scientific and technological progress the third prize, second prize and the first prize. The company has 14 national patents. Shall be borne by the company's projects have been included in the national key industries technical renovation projects and major science and technology special project in zhejiang province. 2008 annual & other; China textile industry association product development contribution award & throughout; .