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Zhejiang Jinsanfa Adhesive Lining Co., Ltd. Announces Environmental Impact Assessment Information of 100 Million Tons of Adhesive Lining Project

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According to the Law of the People's Republic of China on Environmental Impact Assessment, the Interim Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment (Huanfa 2006 [28]) and the Measures for Environmental Protection Management of Construction Projects in Zhejiang Province (Modified in 2018) (Provincial Government Order No. 364) and other relevant regulations, the environmental impact assessment information of this project is now publicized. The purpose of this announcement is to inform the public of the project profile, the main pollution prevention measures to be taken by the project, the environmental impacts of the main pollutants discharged, the way and content of public comments, and related contact information. The construction unit and the EIA unit are willing to actively communicate and communicate with the public.
I. Basic situation of construction projects
1. Project Name: Zhejiang Jinsanfa Adhesive Lining Co., Ltd. Annual production of 100 million meters of adhesive lining relocation project
2. Construction unit: Zhejiang Jinsanfa Adhesive Lining Co., Ltd.
3. Nature of the project: technical transformation
4. Construction site: No. 999 Luhui Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province
5. Project construction scale: The project is planned to be relocated to 999 Luhui Road, Changxing County Economic and Technological Development Zone. The idle factory of Zhejiang Jinsanfa New Material Technology Co., Ltd. will be leased, the equipment will be relocated, the washing machine and other equipment will be added, and hot air drying will be added. Production and auxiliary equipment such as machine, overflow dyeing machine, overflow washing machine, gas-liquid washing machine, electrostatic fume purifier, sewage treatment facility, etc. After the project is completed, the final production scale is 100 million meters of bonded lining per year. The annual output value is 274.4 million yuan, the profit is 28.4082 million yuan, and the tax revenue is 174.848 million yuan. After the implementation of the project, the pollutant discharge amount is within the scope of the original approval. The project leases the idle plant of Zhejiang Jinsanfa New Material Technology Co., Ltd. to implement production, and does not add new land. It belongs to the “zero land” technical transformation project of industrial enterprises.
6. Total investment: 30 million yuan.
2. Distribution of major environmentally sensitive targets within the scope of environmental impact assessment
Table 1 Distribution of major environmentally sensitive targets within the scope of project environmental impact assessment
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